About us

Deeplat is a website which provides fashion snapshots of Japanese indie-idols. Deeplat is operated and managed by the following companies.
funglr Limited http://funglr.com 

Funglr inc constructs, manages and operates the server infrastructure of Deeplat.
Funglr inc is responsible and in a charge of programming of the system function surface, designing, coding, and producing of the site.

Supporters Wanted
Deeplat is looking for corporations or individuals who’s interested in supporting our services such as the followings.

  • Snapshot photographers who own photographic equipment and be able to take snapshot photos for us.
  • Snapshot photographers who are able to manage and schedule of the shootings outside of Tokyo, and send the photo data to us.
  • Writers who are able to write our news articles.
  • etc …

Your interest and cooperation will be greatly appreciated. Please contact here for more information.