Frequently Asked Questions

Here are questions we frequently get asked by our customers. We’re here to help.

About Snapshots Shooting

  • Where does the shooting usually take place?

    We usually shoot inside or near Tokyo. The shooting usually takes place mainly in Minato-Ku, Shibuya-Ku, or Shinjuku-Ku.

  • Can I find the date and time of shooting on the website?

    We don’t publish the date and time of shooting on our website to avoid the confusion.

  • How can I know the date of shooting?

    We inform about the details of shootings via our email magazine service. Please become our Deeplat email magazine membership,and we’ll email you about the info.

  • How long does it take my photos to be published on Deeplat?

    We publish photos on Deeplat randomly. Please understand that we cannot guarantee that every photo will be published.

  • Can I be a model of a shooting when I already belong to a production company?

    Please contact your production company and get a permission from them first to join our shooting.

  • Can I ask for data modification after when it’s published?

    We’ll modify the data immediately if we find any mistake in the contents. Otherwise, please understand that we cannot make changes to our published data without any reasonable reasons.

  • I want Deeplat to delete my photos.

    Please understand that once the photos are published, we cannot cancel or delete the listing.

About Press Release

  • Where should I send the press release request to get published?

    Please send your request here.

  • Is it possible to ask Deeplat to list news instead of a press release?

    We basically publish your data only as press release unless if they are news articles written based on press releases.

  • I sent Deeplat my press release data a while ago, but I haven’t seen them on the website. When will my press release contents be published?

    Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee to publish all of the press release information we receive. Please understand that there is a possibility that your press release might not get published on our medium.

  • Can I request the exact date and time for my press release to be published?

    Unfortunately, we do not accept these requests.